Run 3 Winter Games

The Winter Run3 Game is a side tunnel that branches off of Level 15 of the Main Tunnel. The tunnel consists twenty levels which can be played with any character.

Two tunnels branch off of the Winter Games, the W-Tunnel and The Way Back, both at part 9. However, The Way Back is only unlocked after completing the Going Home checklist.

Completing the Winter Games tunnel unlocks the winter costumes for the Runner and Skater. Alternatively, they can be bought in the shop for 500 power cells.

Gameplay Run3

The Run3 Winter Games was the first to apply the game mechanics ice and ramps. Ice will give all characters a speed boost and a decrease in turn rate. The boost given to the winter costume characters is greater and they are easy to control on ice. The Winter Games are typically played with the skater, because ramps give him the largest jump. Some levels have ramps that are fakes and will launch you into the void, and others have moguls which means that the level has many ramps compounded and makes it difficult to see where the ramps are

The Game Plot

The following is a brief description of the story in the Winter Games. More information on the story can be found here.

After unlocking permission to refer to power cells as batteries in the shop, the cutscene ‘Batteries’ will show, taking place in the Winter Games, part 3. It appears to be the end of a conversation between the Student and the Skater over whether power cells should be called batteries. The Student tells the Skater that “power cells” and “batteries” mean the same thing, and everyone already uses batteries. The Skater argues that saying “power cells” sounds smarter, to which the Student responds, “Who cares about sounding smart? Just talk normally.”

After beating the Winter Games, the cutscene ‘Gold Medal’ will begin, featuring the Child and the Skater. The Child announces to the Skater that he won, and presents him with a “gold” medal. The Skater looks surprised and thanks the Child. However, when the Skater inspects the medal closer, he realizes that it is not made of gold, but bronze or copper. The Child responds, “Yeah, well, it was the closest I could find.” The Skater accepts the medal anyways, saying, “It’s the thought that counts.”

The cutscene Indecision is a conversation between the Pastafarian and Angel, and the Angel tells her that they have to split up, and the Pastafarian agrees, but she also says “Remember to practice being nice” and then leaves. The Angel contemplates leaving without her, but he thinks that it will take a long time to leave anyway.

Upon clicking on The Way Back, part 1, the cutscene ‘Angel vs. Bunny’ will begin. This cutscene features the Angel, with the Bunny bouncing on him and the Duplicator and Child watching. The Angel notices that, and then the Child cheers for the Bunny, and the Duplicator shushes him. Then, the Angel kicks the Bunny into a pit. The Angel complains about bringing him, and then the Pastafarian tells him that he told her to invite everyone she encounters. The Angel says that he meant anyone, not anything. Then, he tells everyone to just follow instructions, but the Bunny comes back, only to get kicked out by the Angel once again. He says that he’ll leave everyone behind if they waste his time, and then everyone gets going.


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